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Our Brand Commitment

"Embracing the Future" speaks to our commitment to the financial success of every individual, by creating a progressive environment in which both new and existing members can confidently place their trust in achieving greater prosperity.

Our Mission

To provide member intimate service delivery and innovative financial products that will enable our members to feel secure and optimistic about their financial future.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of specialised financial services to employees of the financial services sector.

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Our Company

Though small in size, the Bank Employees' Credit Union is big in vision. Proudly serving the financial services sector in Trinidad and Tobago for over 30 years, our Co-operative Society epitomises progress in action that is tempered by prudent financial management. Our aim is to be a front runner in fostering a resilient and dynamic environment apt for cultivating enhanced financial security and prosperity for our membership, and the Credit Union Movement as a whole.

The BECU's new and robust FLEX ICT platform seamlessly facilitates greater operational efficiency and convenience. It is a state of the art platform that will manage the BECU's future exponential growth and portfolio diversification and facilitate more targeted solutions to members' needs. Our deployment of enhanced technology will serve to further enhance not diminish our trademark member intimate service delivery. Your financial needs will continue to change as you go through the different phases of your life, and the BECU is committed to providing the support that you will need every step of the way.

Experience flexible account management. View e-statements, make on-line loan applications, transfer funds and more advanced services to come. Signing up for your on-line account is FREE, and thereafter a simple click of your mouse or use of a smart phone will keep you on top of your financial success story.

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About BECU

BECU's goal is to foster a resilient and dynamic environment in which to cultivate enhanced financial security and prosperity for our membership, and the credit union movement overall. Read more.

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