BECU History

History & Development of BECU

Bank Employees Credit Union emerged in 1984, founded on the philosophy of encouraging independent management of finances, providing support for members and encouraging sound investments. 1984 was a challenging year for the banking sector.

The Bank Employees Union, was in the process of wage negotiations with Republic Bank. Socially, some felt that the bank was out of step with the times concerning issues such as gender, relationships and personal appearance.

The Bank Employees credit union was formed in August of 1984 and by November, the Bank Employees Union had called strike action due to a break down in wage negotiations. As it turned out, the Credit Union successfully bolstered its members through the strike, helping them to survive financially.

Today, BECU is still fiercely protective and supportive of our members as we seek to add value to their lives through our financial solutions, from loans to investments and your health.

Yes, we are BECU! More than 30 years of service, and looking forward to serving you for 30 more!

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About BECU

BECU's goal is to foster a resilient and dynamic environment in which to cultivate enhanced financial security and prosperity for our membership, and the credit union movement overall. Read more.

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