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As a member you qualify for a SPECIAL PREMIUM savings up to 65%.

Cancer Care is a Comprehensive Insurance Protection Plan that will cover your medical expenses in the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with cancer.

It is an affordable programme available to all members of Bank Employees’ Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited and provided through a Strategic Alliance between your Credit Union and Pan-American Life Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago, LTD. The product offers protection through a range of specific benefits for you and your family.

Statistics show that:

  • One out of every ten (10) women will develop breast cancer in her life-time.
  • One out of every eleven (11) men will develop prostate cancer.
  • Cancer kills more children ages 3 to 4 than any other disease

Member Premium:


(Without Term Life)

(With Term Life)


Gross Premium

Gross Premium

Member only:



Member & spouse:



Member & up to 2 dependents



Member & full family



Benefits that will accrue to you include:

Up to $40,000 lump sum upon confirmed diagnosis of Cancer.
Up to $12,000.00 a month or $400.00 per day if you are hospitalised due to Cancer, for up to a period of 365 days
  1. Up to a maximum of $10,000.00 for specified surgical procedures. Payments will be based upon the reasonable and customary charges and the corresponding maximum amount for each procedure stated in the Surgical schedule of the policy.
  2. Up to $ 1,000 is payable for drugs and medicines prescribed during hospital confinement due to Cancer.
  3. Up to a maximum of $4,000.00 (at $40.00 per day) for each visit by an attending physician for the treatment of Cancer.
  4. Up to $3,000 for blood and blood plasma charges incurred in the treatment of Cancer.
Up to $2,000 for X-ray, Cobalt and Chemotherapy treatments for Cancer, in or out of hospital.
Up to $100,000 of Term Life Insurance Coverage in the event of death of an insured, by any cause while the policy is in force.

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