Vehicle New & Used

Loans are available for new and used vehicles and the BECU will work with you to offer the most attractive rates, down payment and a repayment period.


First-time borrowers get up to $10,000, no down payment, while starting a smart investment at the same time, with a BECU Wealth Builder...

Prime Plus

Get access to the money you need without dipping into your savings with a BECU Prime Plus Loan. A Prime Plus loan enables up to $15,000.

Life Saver

Access as much as $10,000, at a low-interest rate of 1.25% with 18 months to repay. Life comes at you fast, so we give you speedy approval and easy access

Home Improvement (HIL)

Protect your most valuable asset with an affordable Home Improvement Loan which can be used for needed repairs and enhancements...

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BECU's goal is to foster a resilient and dynamic environment in which to cultivate enhanced financial security and prosperity for our membership, and the credit union movement overall. Read more.

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