Results of BECU art Competition 2017

Nerell Dookwah receiving her prize Nerell Dookwah and her winning piece titled  'Through A Nation'  
  • 1st Place Winner - Nerell Dookwah - 'Through A Nation', St Georges' College
  • 2nd Place Winner - Michaela Regis - 'Toxic Beauty', Bishop Anstey High School
  • 3rd Place Winner - Nirvana Jones-Armour - 'Our Future is in Our Hands', Naparima Girls' High School
  • 4th Place Winner - Cristiano Donnell Boodoo - T & T My Home, Biche R.C Primary School
  • 5th Place Winner - Isaiah Sobers - 'Reuse/ Reduce/ Recycle', Tacarigua Presbyterian Primary School
  • 6th Place Winner - Isaiah Sobers - 'The 3 R's', Tacarigua Presbyterian School
  • 7th Place Winner - Akash Singh - 'Mama Glow', Chaguanas North Secondary School
  • 8th Place Winner - Hema Ganase - 'Caroni Swamp', Chaguanas North Secondary School
  • 9th Place Winner - Tristan Reyes - 'Sustaining Our Natural Beauty', St Georges' College
  • 10th Place Winner - Cristiano Donnell Boodoo - ' My Hands Affect The Earth', Biche R.C Primary School
  • 11th Place Winner - Renessa John - 'The Carries of Our Nation', Asja College, Tunapuna
  • 12th Place Winner - Julissa Duncan - 'Trinidad & Tobago Beautiful Until Gone', St Georges' College