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The S.E.A Award programme is accessible to children who are members of BECU or whose parent/s are members. Our aim is to support the development of youth throughout their educational journey, becoming their trusted financial partner for life.


Awards for registered children


Top 3 Achievers – One Tablet each!

All successful registered children will receive:
-Youth Builder Account Startup – Valued $350.00 (Click here for more info)
-If child already has Youth Builder, value will be applied to their account.
-B.E.C.U Gifts – Multipurpose stylish bags, stationery, discount vouchers and more.
-A financial partner interested in your child’s success and development.


Registration-Deadline for registration – July 31st 2021.

-Fill registration form on
-Email completed form & copy of S.E.A slip to
-Parents to share copy of placement slip (after results are received)


Click here for registration for

Call/WhatsApp – 394-1615

Email –

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