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For life’s unpredictable moments, BECU is there to see you through.

Our CreditLine product offers you the opportunity to finance short-term needs with very affordable and convenient repayment terms.

N.B. With this product you can borrow up to $20,000 and have twelve months to repay.

CreditLine Limit Interest Gross Salary
$5,000 1.50% $3,500
$10,000 1.50% $5,000
$15,000 1.25% $8,000
$20,000 1.25% $10,000+

The BECU’s interest rates are considerably lower than commercial bank credit card finance and loan interest charges. One of our knowledgeable BECU Member Services Representatives can advise you regarding your best option for refinancing and/or consolidation, and help you to get your head above water once more.

For your protection and ours, the BECU will undertake a risk assessment to determine your capacity to repay the loan. This is typically defined by your available surplus and debt service ratio. Our standard credit assessment also evaluates the character, available capital, collateral and condition of the applicant.

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