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Purchase a vehicle with a Car Loan from the BECU

With competitive rates and flexible loan terms, there is no better time to get behind the wheel of your new car! Loans are available for new and used vehicles and the BECU will work with you to offer the most attractive rates, down payment and a repayment period based on your personal circumstances.

The children of existing members of the BECU are also eligible to become members of the society, an important vehicle to start carving out their financial independence. We encourage parents to give gifts of money to their children in the form of shares or fixed deposits that will yield far greater returns than expensive gifts and material possessions. Give your kids a head start towards sound savings and investment habits and future access to financing if needed to pursue higher education, purchase their first car, setting themselves up an apartment, start-up capital for a business.

New Vehicles Local Used and 'Roll on/Roll off' Vehicles
(up to 6 years old)
Local Used and 'Roll on/Roll off' Vehicles
(more than 6 years old)
  • 100% financing with 10% in unencumbered shares
  • 1% interest on the reducing balance
  • Up to 60 months to repay
  • Quick loan approval
  • 100% financing with 20% in unencumbered shares
  • 1.25% interest on reducing balance
  • Up to 48 months to repay
  • Quick loan approval
  • 100% financing with 40% in unencumbered shares
  • 1.25% interest on reducing balance
  • Up to 36 months to repay
  • Quick loan approval

*Car loans are for the purchase of vehicles only. Eligibility is determined by a combination of share balance, collateral, repayment history and ability to repay.

  1. Price of Vehicle (inclusive of VAT)
  2. Chassis Number
  3. Colour of Vehicle
  4. Model and Make
  5. Engine Number
  6. Original and copy of Driver’s Permit
  7. Recent Job Letter
  8. Recent Pay Slip
  9. Form of ID (x2) i.e. Driver’s Permit, National I.D. Card, and/or Passport
  1. A Letter of Intent to sell from the owner of the vehicle
  2. An Appraisal/Valuation Report from a valuation firm or garage
Quotation for Insurance Premium
Official Estimate of Repairs (including cost of parts and labour) endorsed by the repairer.

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