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Financial Literacy Programme

The BECU is committed to the youth of the nation and setting them on the right path to future financial success. Our proprietary Financial Literacy Programme, offered in conjunction with the Idakeda Youth Group affords youths the opportunity to learn about money, living within their means and starting healthy habits and attitudes towards money, that will last them a lifetime. Once successfully completed, this programme enables youths the opportunity to become members of the BECU and to start saving towards a financially secure future.

The children of existing members of the BECU are also eligible to become members of the society, an important vehicle to start carving out their financial independence. We encourage parents to give gifts of money to their children in the form of shares or fixed deposits that will yield far greater returns than expensive gifts and material possessions. Give your kids a head start towards sound savings and investment habits and future access to financing if needed to pursue higher education, purchase their first car, setting themselves up an apartment, start-up capital for a business.

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